Having a bad job is daunting, exhausting, and could even affect your health.

Should I quit my job

We’ve all come across a bad job experience in our professional life.

That’s why everyone understands the feeling of not wanting to be there anymore. 

But, when should I quit my job?


Honestly, there’s no such thing as “the right time”.

Whether you decide to leave too soon or too late, there will always be challenges.

However, sooner or later you will have to take the big step.

Here are some of the most relevant signs that you should leave your job:

You No Longer Feel Passion 

Do you ever feel that you enjoy what you do?

Maybe you had a great start in your career, but slowly you found yourself drifting away from that spark you once had.

Everyday you are dragging yourself to work instead of getting excited of it.

All these feelings are valid and I can guarantee that 90% or more people will experience that.

So, it is either you talk to your superior to get more challenging tasks in hope that you will find the “spark” again, or it is time to challenge yourself somewhere else.

I think most of the time you are “falling out of passion” is because of a bad boss or the mundane tasks are wearing your out.

Nothing Motivates You

We can all feel demotivated at times, but it’s important to get up and get back on track with our job.

Sometimes it’s our boss, sometimes it’s our salary; there are many factors that can cause demotivation.

You can speak to your boss about this situation and let him know this is something you want to fix.

Your Job Makes You unmotivated

Yet, if there’s no solution to your issues, you may have to consider looking for a new place to work.

You Chose Your Job for the Wrong Reasons

Sometimes we’re lured by a big salary or the reputation of the company.

Sometimes, we chose a job based solely on emotional reasons.

Perhaps we listened to someone’s opinion without doing some research on our own.

When this happens, we may feel disappointed to see that the job is not what we expected. 

If this is your case, try to evaluate the pros and cons of your current job.

If the drawbacks outnumber the positive aspects, it’s time to start the job hunt.

You’re Constantly Thinking About Looking for Another Job

Someone who is truly happy with their job is not going to go looking for a new one.

Instead, they are likely to spend their time improving their skills to become more valuable for their company.

They would, for example, join a coding bootcamp, take a course, or undergo another type of job training.

If you find yourself online looking for jobs at other companies, you may have to do some introspection to see if you’re on the wrong career.

You Have No Personal Life

Time is the most valuable asset we have and we should never exchange them for your company.

You are paid to do work for your company, not sell your soul to them.

Your time should be better spent with your loved ones or on your favourite past time.

If you ever feel that your company sucking up all your valuable time, and you feel drained, it’s time to consider quitting your job.

I mean, if you are truly passionate about your job, and you don’t mind spending all your time on it, that’s totally fine. It is your choice.

But, what I am saying is, if a job drains your emotion, and you feel your time could be better spent somewhere else, out of the normal working hours, then it’s time to consider leaving your job.

Work Is Affecting Your Health

No job should negatively affect your health.

That’s a rule that should not be broken.

Maybe your job is not evidently affecting your physical health, but it might influence your mind and cognitive behavior.

Mental health is a huge issue at this tough time, and it should never be neglected.

Job is affecting your health

If, for example, you are working as a web developer and you are constantly feeling stressed, or worse, having constant headaches, anxiety or depressed…

Maybe it is time to evaluate whether this current job that you have is a good choice or not.

You Feel Unappreciated

It is not only about jobs. Everything you do in life, if you ever feel unappreciated, it will always wear you down.

Like a parent who do everything for their kid, but the kid grew to hate the parent.

It is the same thing at your workplace.

You gave your hundred and ten percent, but no one notices, no one cares, or worse, you get blamed at when something goes wrong.

If you are in such a situation, it is time to move on. It is much easier to move on with your job than with a love one, so what are you waiting for?

Little Room To Grow

Tony Robbins once said, “true happiness comes from growth. If you are not growing, you are dying.”

I love that quote!

If your job don’t give you the opportunity to grow, it means you are “dying on the job.” Haha!

But seriously, if you do not see yourself assuming one of the top positions in your company, or if your boss won’t support your career development, such as sending you to courses or training, then I think it is time for you to looking for other jobs.

Your Boss Is Terrible

Most of us have already met a terrible boss.

They’re excessively strict, disrespectful, nit-picky, micro-manage, “credit thief”, or they’re simply not responsive to the needs of employees.

If the problem is your boss, you should talk to your superior and try to negotiate.

However, if there’s no one there to arbitrate between you, it’s just a waste of time.

Don’t let yourself go through that situation for too long. It will wear your out, and make you feel depressed.

bad boss

I think this is the major cause of why people leave their jobs.

There is a saying which is absolutely true, “Employees don’t leave companies, they leave managers.”

Don’t beat yourself hard thinking that you are a “traitor” to the company, the fact is, they betrayed you.

Conclusion: Should I Quit My Job?

There are many reasons to consider leaving a job; whether it’s your boss, the salary, or even the company’s culture.

You just need to evaluate what’s making you uncomfortable and see if it’s something you can fix or it’s time to move on.

I recommend that you look past your current situation and access if you see any future with this company.

If there is an open line of communication with your superiors (not your direct boss), maybe you should talk to them before making a decision.

All we want to do is to make a decision we will not regret.

Alternatively, if you feel that you are sick of working for someone else, maybe my story can inspire you to pursue your next adventure.

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