Step 1 – Install Putty

Download Putty:

Step 2 – Login to Root Server

  1. Open Putty
  2. Add your host’s IP Address and hit “Open”
  3. Type in “root” and enter password

Step 3 – Update Operating System (Ubuntu)

1. Enter the following command:

sudo apt update

2. After that, enter the following command to make sure that all packages in Ubuntu are upgraded:

sudo apt upgrade

Step 4 – Install CyberPanel

Enter the following code:

sh <(curl || wget -O -

After which, here are my recommended selections:

  1. Install CyberPanel: Hit “1
  2. Select “Install CyberPanel with OpenLiteSpeed”: Hit “1
  3. Full Service for CyberPanel: Hit “Y
  4. Remote MySQL: Hit “N
  5. Latest Version of CyberPanel: Hit “Enter
  6. Choose your admin password for CyberPanel: Hit “s” and set your password (Note: the password will not show, but it is entered on the background)
  7. Install Memcache: Hit “Y
  8. Instal Redis: Hit “Y
  9. Install Watchdog: Hit “Enter

Step 5 – Login to CyberPanel

Copy the CyberPanel link which looks like this:


The default port number for CyberPanel is 8090.

And when you see the CyberPanel’s Login Page, enter “admin” in the user name field, and then enter the password you have set in previous steps.

And you are in CyberPanel, enjoy!

Other Resources

  • How to secure SSH:
  • Full CyberPanel Documentation:
  • In case you are getting a 404 error when installing WordPress, it is most likely due to non-existence of database, so you would want to login to your root server again (See Step 2 above), and enter the following command:
sudo apt-get install php-mysql

If you have any other questions, feel free to leave a comment down below.

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